Saturday, May 2, 2015

New Worth Saving Line

For those of you that know us, we are big on family. We love supporting one another and honestly, most of the charities my mother and I support through Jewels For Hope has sentimental meaning to us.

Well, my uncle, my mom's brother, drew this logo and placed it on a shirt over 40 years ago. He is big on saving wildlife and endangered species.

We took this logo he created and made it into a pendant,our  Worth Saving Necklace, in which a portion of the profits will donate to The World Wildlife Fund.

Isn't that so cool? We love the meaning behind this and my uncle was so touched that we created his work into one of our pieces. The look on his face when we gave him a pendant was priceless. It made us feel like we knew we did the right thing with this line.

What do you think of it?


  1. Very cute. And very nice to donate some of the profits to the World Wildlife Fund also.

  2. I love this so much! There are so many animals out there that are being butchered for no good reason at all, and they need help!

  3. What a great cause- this would be a wonderful gift for several people I know! Thanks for supporting the World Wildlife Fund!

  4. That is so special! I'm sure he was thrilled to see it used in this unique way. It's go great that you've created a wearable way to support wildlife

  5. This is really cool! I can't believe all the horrible crap that people do to those animals. Is another tusk or horn really worth pushing a species to the brink?

  6. I can think of so many places you can market this. Maybe even a button is in order on this one. Not only is the logo great but the slogan blows me away