Thursday, December 1, 2011

TG Bears- The Perfect Holiday Gift!

I have to tell you about this amazing shop that I think would be the perfect gift for anyone for the Holidays! Yes, I said everyone- because I know even though I am a 25 year old woman- I like Teddy Bears. 
TG Bears has the cutest bears!! Monica, the owner, makes each bear special and she can add cute personal touches to the bears like a name or initials on the bear. How cute! I actually love teddy bears--- My fiancé bought me a teddy bear when we first started dating, and ever since- I have been hooked!
TG Bears has such an assortment of bears! There is even Holiday Bears!

These are a limited amount of randomly selected bears that have been reduced for the holidays. Their price tag is 50% off the normal price. Hello- 50% off!  Um, I love anything 50% off. Especially when it is cute and cudly.
What kid wouldn’t want a teddy bear for Christmas?

A little bit about Monica…..

My name is Monica and I have a long standing love for teddy bears and that is how TG Bears was born. It is a bear family that started with a Classic Teddy called Theodore, but has since grown to include a lot of others. But no matter who they are, they sport their family emblem on their left sole, leaving no doubt as to their heritage. The right sole can be personalized for yourself or that special person.

I make all the bears you see on this website myself from start to finish, there is no modular sewing operation. Each bear is made with love, fashioned with affection and hugged when completed. By nature of being handmade, each bear has a slightly different “something” about them, making no two exactly identical in features and expression.

There is all kinds of bears at TG Bears… from Classic To Cute Military!

And some exciting news from Monica…. TG Bears gifted items to Jessica Alba and Hilary Duff  in association with the exclusive Artisan Group.

Jessica's Bear

Hilary's Bear

You have got to click those links and check it out! How awesome is that? These celebs each received special bears, made from the heart <3

So- if you’re looking for that special holiday gift – definitely check out TG Bears!

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