Friday, December 9, 2011

Jewels For Hope Partnered with Give Back Brands for a Someday by Justin Bieber event at Macy's!

Big things have been happening with us over the past week or so! We have been so busy, it is a good kind of busy though- that kind of busy you love!
I know you are dying to figure out what we have been up to!
Well, on December 3rd we partnered with Give Back Brands for an exclusive Someday by Justin Bieber event at Macy’s, sponsored by People Magazine.
All of those amazing, high profile names, in the same sentence as Jewels For Hope. Sounds pretty incredible, right? Well, IT WAS!
We had to make 150 necklaces for the event- in 10 days. Yes, 10 days- 150 necklaces. Which is why I haven’t been around much, since that’s all we did. I helped my mother make some of the necklaces, but once we had a substantial amount- I started packaging, while she was creating.
We designed a gorgeous Swarovski Crystal and Pearl Necklace- in silver and gold- with Justin’s birthstone and his favorite color included.
Everyone at Macy’s wanted the necklace! The employees were coming up asking if they needed the buy the perfume in order to get the necklace because THEY ONLY WANTED THE NECKLACE! That was the biggest compliment! We couldn’t believe it!
Another thing we couldn’t believe?
People Magazine sent out a special E-Invite to all of their readers…. And WE WERE INCLUDED! Take a look……
We are so excited, and still can’t believe that we were mentioned by People Magazine. Even though this event was almost a week ago, I am still in shock that we did it. I know my mother feels the same way.
The best part about it all- we had SO much fun at the event! The event reps we met were THE SWEETEST people, so great to work with, so personable, and we all just had the best time. We were bopping along to Justin’s Holiday Album played by the Dj for the full event- we were talking to absolutely everyone, and got our name out there. Nothing could have made that day any better.
We are so grateful for this opportunity and I know this will stay in our hearts for many years to come. This was absolutely perfect; and my mother was such a hit at the event, I am so proud of her! Without her, I know I would have been a stumbling idiot and messing up my words and shaking from nerves! She calms me down (surprisingly) and keeps me relaxed—because she is just so loud and crazy that everyone focuses on her haha. 

Please take a look at some of our photos from the event!


  1. This is absolutely wonderful! What a great experience! I am so happy for you and your mother. You deserve everything that comes your way!!!!!

  2. Oh, beautiful necklace too!!!!

  3. What a great story! I am so happy for you and your mom too,Congratulations!!