Saturday, March 24, 2012

Lifestyle and Charity Magazine- FREE Subscription!

We are proud to announce that tomorrow (3/25/12) our products will be featured in Lifestyle and Charity Magazine!!!

I am so excited about this, I'm like kid at Christmas- I can't wait to see the issue!

This is an online publication and you can get a FREE SUBSCRIPTION to it! So I definitely suggest doing that tonight so you can be one of the first people to see our necklace featured in their wonderful publication!

Here's a bit about the magazine....

This is a publication supporting the philanthropic lifestyle. They bring you in contact with great events, charities, products, and much more.

We will have one of our designs that represents Caroline's Room- a charity founded by WTNH   News Channel 8's Jocelyn Maminta. Caroline's Room is to ease the trauma of families with children in neonatal intensive care. On our website, items in Yellow/White will donate portion of the profits to this amazing organization.

Here is the necklace that will be featured in LC Magazine tomorrow!

So when you receive the newsletter tomorrow- be sure to scour the pages looking for our piece! I still am in shock about this..... This necklace is actually one that I created. I feel so accomplished in the fact that they wanted on of my pieces. Normally we always go with my mothers... she has been doing this much longer than I have- so we just always tend to go with her designs (which is fine with me- she is a freakin wizard when it comes to jewelry design! LOL). But for this one... they wanted this item. Which made me jump over the moon ecstatic! This is one of my favorite pieces I have created.... so summery and fun. I hope they loved it!!

So be sure to go to Lifestyle and Charity Magazine and sign up for you subscription tonight!!!

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  1. Already signed up and anxiously awaiting the first issue. Congratulations - you surely have come a long way in your journey to your dream since the first time I met you (sort of) and I am so very happy for you and look forward to seeing what is next for you!!!!! Go get em you two!!!