Sunday, March 25, 2012

Frangi Pangi - Look Great & Donate!

Frangi Pangi is a new company founded by WNTH News Channel 8's Jocelyn Maminta. 

Frangi Pangi Fine Hosiery For Your “Bare Leg” Look- made for all women, all sizes, all colors. I love that! As well as being made for all women- the best part- this was Made in the USA. Yes, Jocelyn is very passionate about this and her products are all proudly made in the USA.

Along with these fine attributes, Frangi Pangi also donates. Jocelyn founded Caroline's Room, an organization that is to ease the trauma of families with children in neonatal intensive care. Frangi Pangi donates profits to this fine organization. 

Jocelyn was nice enough to actually give me 2 pairs of her nylons... which I am super excited to wear! I haven't worn them just yet, since it is just starting to get a little warmer out... and since I tend to have hotflashes in the winter- I don't want to sweat profusely in these gorgeous nylons yetttt. But this coming week it is said to get a little cooler- and I have the perfect outfit to wear these with! So I am looking forward to it.

Once I have them on I'll definitely take some pics and let you all see. Until then- check out their website.

They even give you a 4 wear Guarantee! Do you know any other hosiery company willing to give you that kind of support? No, not at all. I know I *normally* rip 4 or 5 pairs before being able to have one go all the way up my leg LOL. Never in my mind would I think I would be able to get at least 4 wears out of it! Can't wait to try these out!!!

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