Monday, March 26, 2012

SWAN Day CT- March 31st

We will be participating in SWAN Day CT. SWAN= Support Women Artists Now. This is an amazing organization all bout supporting women in the arts... which we love. We are so happy to be doing this event with such a talented group of ladies.

SWAN Day is a day of music, art, food, drinks, and most importantly, FUN! This year, SWAN Day is on March 31st (my mother's birthday!) from 6pm-1am (ouch) at The Dirt Salon in Hartford.

There will be tons of bands performing, an arielist (how cool!!), and lots of vendors for you to do a little shopping.

Two AMAZING ladies will be there hosting this shindig... Kristen Cusato (who actually did our first ever TV Interview on WTNH Good Morning Connecticut!) and Jaki Valensi-Lauper of Jaki's Buzz (yes.. we were also Buzzed on Jaki's Buzz- we love her!).

This night looks like it will be so much fun- and we can't wait. Let's just hope I don't fall asleep during it.... yes, I ma be 25 but I am usually asleep by 10 most nights (don't judge me) haha.

If you are in the Hartford area, definitely stop by! It should be so much fun!!!

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