Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Artisan Group; How to get your items to Celebs!

I previously wrote a post about Jewels for Hope actually giving items for the Swag Bags at the Gifting Lounge for the Oscars! But of course, I didn't go into full detail about HOW we got into that. And I know all you handmade artists out there would love more information about this... so here I am to explain!

All by chance (thank god!) I came across The Artisan Group (TAG). This group heps handmade artists get into celebrity swag bags at major events such as The Emmys, The Oscars, The Golden Gobes, and many more!

This group of handmade artists have exceptional talents! In order to get into TAG you have to be approved by the head of the group. You have to submit your work on their website and then within a couple of days they will let you know if you are "in".

Once you get accepted into the group you can sign up for their events. They have tons of different levels to get your work into the swag bags to finally get it in the hands of celebs! I know, that is our dream to get a celebrity to actually notice or work!

Now, just to be clear on this, you do have to pay to get your item into these events. The price can differ between $50-$400. Which is absolutely INCREDIBLE! We were actually approached by a different company a couple of weeks ago to set up a table at The Emmys...they wanted $10,000. We almost had a heart attack when they said that.

The difference in price from the Artisian Group to the insanely expensive offer we received is that TAG splits the cost in order to showcase a ton of artists. Which is why they offer a certain amount of slots at each price level- so you can contribute the right price that you want to contribute!

I highly recommend this group to any artist out there who wants to get their product in the hands of celebs. Jewels for Hope has not participated in any events yet, so we cannot confirm the results personally for you... but if you check out their website they show a ton of pictures of celebs holding handmade items from their display stand!

Along with helping you get your items in the coveted hands of celebs... this truly is a special group of people! Everyone is so welcoming and answer all of your questions! I know I have asked a ton of questions so far and everyone is happy to help. It is a great group to show off your items and ask for opinions. I have found some great items already through this group and love to keep searching through everyone's shops!

I will definitely report back here once we participate in our first event. We are so excited about it we can't wait! Wish us luck!!

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