Sunday, July 31, 2011

$210 Handmade Package! Christmas in July Giveaway!

The Christmas in July Giveaway Event is here!!!! I am so excited! There are over 120 blogs participating in this amazing hop! So be sure to jump from one to the next to enter to win the amazing prizes!!! This giveaway will last from July 25th- July 31st! Woo Hoo!

My package is worth over $210 depending on what items you choose!
Now, let's get to the prizes...

A Custom Anklet from Jewels for Hope!
Retail Value $25.00
** Please note, this will not ship until the week after the giveaway ends**

A Custom Handmade Ruffle Scarf from Hooked on Yarn CT
Retail Value: $29.95
*** This will be shipped within the month after the giveaway... depending on color choice of winner***

A Red Flower Headband from Sew Stylish Boutique
Retail Value: $11.95
*** Please note, this will not ship until August 4th ***

A Diaper Cake (you choose boy or girl) from DanielleDurand
Retail Value: $35

A Yellow Flower Clutch from Black Gypsy Designs
Retail Value: $50.00

ANY ONE Item you choose from Pics Petals Scents!
Retail Value: Up to $25

A handmade jacket from CapurroCustoms23
Retail Value $35
*** Please note, the actual jacket may differ depending on size availability***

Want to win this all?

Below is the rafflecopter entry form for quick and easy entries! I made all of mine simple... "heart" each of their etsy shops and you're good to go!

Want more entries? Feel free to stop by the below links for all the "Extra Entries" that have been going on since Mid-July!

***This Giveaway is only open to the U.S.***
This will be open until 11:59pm Est July 31st!

******** Please note, even though the rafflecopter form states no entries before 9am, this has changed!You can enter this giveaway as soon as it is posted!!! ********


  1. the form closed before I could write my Etsy name and it's prelosmommy

  2. the first entry form closed before I put in my etsy name. please add: beajune

  3. My etsy name for Heart Black Gypsy Designs is aflgirlatheart