Friday, July 8, 2011

Urbanite Designs meets Jewels for Hope!

Recently Jewels for Hope colaborated with a fun hip designer Urbanite Design. When I first saw the work of Urbanite Design, I must admit- some of it was out there. But in that "Lady Gaga" way that I just love so much. Dee, the creator, really has a true talent for making things vibrant and really "pop" when looking at her creations.
"Urbanite Design was born in the grimey streets of Los Angeles this line embodies high fashion meets deconstructed elements. Sold in stores internationally and globally known for its ultra couture style. Urbanite Design is a full design firm that houses and curates fashion design & stylists. Making every collection inspirational Urbanite Design loves color texture & style. Connect with guru today @iconfashionurb"

Below you will find the gorgeous shots Dee arranged for the photoshoot with some Jewels for Hope jewelry! I personally love the sequince skirt paired with one of our necklaces and the white blazer!

Some other photos from Urbanite Design's collection that I just love....

All of these photos, along with a ton more can be found on Urbanite Designs Flickr Stream.

It was so fun to see how the pictures came out. I love how funky and edgy they look! I love looking at "different" designs and to be apart of that with our jewelry really makes me smile.

Feel free to go show Dee some love on her facebook page! She is such a nice person and has a flare for fashion that not many people have. Even being on completely opposite sides of the country I think our collaboration worked out amazingly!

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