Sunday, October 30, 2011

Coupon Cabin's 25 Days of Giveaways! Sponsor Seasons of Wool

Brrrrr, I know it's snowing here in Connecticut right now- so my next sponsor's items would be perfect right about now!!

Seasons of Wool!

Seasons of Wool has great products like blankets, hats, coasters, and so much more! Lucy, the creator of these great items, is offering to sponsor this Coupon Cabin Giveaway that is starting SO SOON (November 1st!). I am so happy she is offering up something for you awesome readers.

I met Lucy also through The Artisan Group. She is so talented and I truly love her work. Here is some great shots of some of her pieces!

Um, I absolutely love the mittens that have L and R on them! I just think that is the best thing since sliced bread. (yes, I said it.)

And a little about Lucy? Sure!

I am one of those people who doesn't feel complete unless they are working on one project or another. It might be cooking or baking, gardening, knitting, felting, sewing, or teaching my daughters a new skill. My professional training is as an environmental educator, while my art is self taught. It is amazing how the two have blended so well together. I've always had a love of nature and the outdoor world, something which comes through in my work. Much of my inspiration comes while exploring outdoors and in the textures, shapes and colors I see around me.

I love the feel of natural fibers, and because much of my work is felted, wool is the focus. I love experimenting with new fibers and techniques. One of my favorite things is seeing how the yarn or fiber changes during the felting process. Rarely is it the same twice. The scientist in me relates to how the processes work. The artist relates to taking a raw material and creating something that is beautiful and unique. 

So please be sure to come back on November 1st to check out this giveaway. You won't be sorry!


  1. Awesome. What a great sponsor. I can't wait for this event to start. It's going to be amazing.

  2. Those are so adorable! You found a fantastic sponsor!

  3. How cute! I love winter hats and mittens!

  4. Love the mittens, and they're my favorite colors too! :D