Monday, October 17, 2011

In Honor of The Tatas- Sponsor Spotlight- Little Shop of Elllesee

Now, I have already introduced you to The Little Shop of ElleSee because I just absolutely love her work. I am so happy that she has decided to be a sponsor in the "In Honor of the Tatas Event".

The Little Shop of ElleSee has great drawings, pictures, and cards! Last time I totally raved about her cards (bc yes they are adorbs) but today I want to show you about some of the other great items in her shop!

This photograph she has of an Orchid is absolutely breathtaking.

This picture just gives me the chills. 

Personally, even though I will never admit it to my mother, I love pictures of flowers. *Sidenote, when I was in college my mother used to send me framed pictures that she took of the flowers in our backyard. I called her crazy. Which is why I won't admit to liking flower pictures in front of her....but I digress....... *smile*

Along with having gorgeous photography in her shop... LC's drawings are SUPER CUTE.

Um a monster holding candy corn. This picture could have been specifically made for me. I am a little monster *gaga reference* and I am addicted to candy corn.

This is perfect for Halloween coming up- or in my opinion, perfect for all year round (because who doesn't love candy corn?).

Well, The Little Shop of ElleSee will be giving away an item for the In Honor of the Tatas Event starting on October 21st!!!! I won't spill the beans on what she is giving away (you'll have to come back and see!). But I can promise you, the package of items given away will be AMAZING. Love Pink <3


  1. What a beautiful photograph. I love that little monster drawing, too.

  2. Very beautiful picture, I am so not talented in photography or drawing for that matter! I will be checking back for the giveaway later this month

  3. I wish I could take such beautiful pictures!

  4. This is fantastic! Thank you so much! And thank you for the wonderful compliments :)

  5. I can't wait, that is a gorgeous photo!