Wednesday, October 19, 2011

In Honor of The Tatas- Sponsor Spotlight- Sock Monkey Emporium

I'm very excited about this post!

Growing up in my house LambChop was always on the television. Yes, you read that correctly, LambChop.

So, since I have been a lover of sock monkeys since I was a little girl, you can see why I am excited to write this post for all of my fabulous readers!

One of the sponsors for the In Honor of the Tatas Event is  Sock Monkey Emporium!

Who doesn't love sock monkeys!!! Yes I realize that LambChop technically isnt a sock monkey- but c'mon you guys understand the correlation!

Sock Monkey Emporium has such an assortment of sock monkeys, you will have the hardest time choosing your favorite! I know I did!

 Yes, of course I had to show you the zebra print one first! Hello- zebra print girl here!

Emma, the creator of these gorgeous Sock Monkeys, is a member of The Artisan Group which is how I came about her lovely items.

A short description of Emma? Sure!

I'm a stay at home mum creating new friends out of a brand new pair of socks!!
I am a proud member of The Artisan Group which features talented artisans in many different fields. My business cards will form a part of the Goodie Bags given to celebrities at the 2012 GBK Oscars Gift Lounge!!!  I love a challenge so if there is a special animal you would like creating, please send me a convo!

Based in the UK we pride ourselves on creating quality, bespoke gifts from a simple pair of socks. From monkeys to cats, dinosaurs to crocodiles we have made them all, and love the challenge of a custom order. The monkeys share a house with their friends Alice (6) and Charlotte (3) who make sure each and every creation passes the cuddle test. 2011 order book is currently closed; 2012 order book is open!!"


They are perfect for all ages! You may think I'm crazy for saying that- but it's true! Tell me, if you have a friend who is, let's say obsessed with zebra print... wouldn't an adorable sock monkey be perfect? Yes. Yes I think so.

Well, Emma so graciously will be giving away one of these fabulous items away for the In Honor of the Tatas Event! Woo Hoo! Be sure to come back on October 21st to see what item she's giving away! Love Pink <3


  1. Wish I could see the images but for some reason the pictures aren't loading. I bet they are beautiful.

  2. I love the dino one! We are all about dinos in this house. (and yes sock monkeys are great!)

  3. These sock monkeys are so cute! Way cuter than just a regular sock. Love the zebra!