Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sweet Smelling Holidays with @barefootbath

It's almost December and Christmas is going to be here before I know it. I feel like I'm going to blink and it'll be December 24th.

I just got in some AMAZZINNGGG products from one of my favorite handmade shops, Barefoot Bath and Body. 

I know you know from previous posts on this blog- I'm obsessed with getting people soaps as gifts. So of course, had to get some soaps from this shop. I wish I could put the sweet smells into a blog post for all to be able to enjoy. My descriptions will not do them justice (so go buy some and see for yourself!! LOL).

My box of goodies arrived today, and I ran into my room to open it (since some of the stuff is for my sister - so couldn't let her see what I was opening haha).

3 soaps, 1 Body Butter, 1 Perfume, and 3 Chapsticks.


I have to say, the Honey Vanilla solid perfume is my absolute favorite smell. It reminds me of Christmas for some reason. The warm smell, it just makes me smile. It is PERFECT for my mother since she loves anything with the Vanilla smell.

I can't wait to give everyone these goodies for Christmas. And I can't wait to try this Body Butter Balm out for myself. During the winter, my skin gets so dry this is going to work wonders on it (I can tell already!).

If you are looking for some sweet smelling gifts- check out Barefoot Bath and Body! Dee (the owner), just posted on their facebook page that she is still offering FREE SHIPPING for domestic orders! Get your order in soon before this offer goes away!

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