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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Who Doesn't Love Cake? @CakePopFusion

I'm a big fan of Cake Pops. I love them. I tried making them numerous times, and let me tell you- they are difficult to decorate all pretty and make them look good LOL.

Good thing there are people out there who are way more talented than I am.

So that brings me to Cake Pop Fusion.

Custom Cake Pops that look so amazing and make me jealous every time I see them. Pia, a super talented woman is the owner behind this fabulous company.

I absolutely love looking through her shop because her Cake Pops are just so cute. Here are a couple of my favorites....

Marshmallow Snowmen Christmas Treats

Cake Pop Wedding -- 1 Dozen

Cake Pop Ice Skates & Snowflakes -- 1 Dozen

Pia is such a sweet woman! She donates a portion of the profits to an organization close to her heart, the IHRFoundation.org 

You can find out more about Pia's awesome Cake Pop's on her blog! If you are looking for a perrrrfect gift to send someone for the holidays- I vote Cake Pops. Who doesn't love cake? And I know the way to my heart, is definitely my stomach. I bet most people feel the same way. Love Cake Pops.  
Be sure to check out her Etsy Shop for more awesome creations!!!

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