Wednesday, November 28, 2012

T'is The Season! Bundle Up with @HookedOnYarnCT

I love fall and winter. Not because I like snow... no no no, I don't like that. But I do love the fashions. Layering. Hats. Scarves. everything. I think that you can change up your whole outfit with a cute hat- and the fact that you don't have to do your hair that day? Even better!

Hooked On Yarn CT helps with all of this. Yep, my aunt Lori makes these wonderful products. She knits and crochets everything herself... I swear you should see her yarn room. Oh wait, I have a pic of that for you....


Yea, one wall of yarn. Everywhere. I love it! I walked in and was shocked. She warned me- but I still wasn't prepared LOL. One day, my mom and I want a wall of beads like this.... but I digress....

Hooked On Yarn CT has the cutest hats in my opinion. I have 4 or 5. I love them all. Whether it's a flower hat or a slouchy hat, they all  are adorable in their own way.

BLACK Beanie Cloche Crochet  Hat with attached Rainbow Flower

PINK Purple Tan Yellow Crocheted Slouchy Beanie Beret Tam  Hat

Along with hats, she has scarves, fingerless gloves (perfect for those cold nights making jewelry), baby bibs candle holders, and much more!

How adorable is this.. and perfect for the holidays:

Red Flameless Crochet Candle Holder Candle Included

Get hooked on Hooked On Yarn CT!


  1. i hate winter, but you have some pretty items :)

  2. She must do NOTHING but knit with all that yarn!

  3. I love that third hat the colors are perfect for this time of year. I also think it is neat that they are showing it with the hair sticking out of it and not all inside of it.

  4. So pretty, I would love to learn to knit and crochet!