Monday, August 1, 2011

Guest Blogger: Chantilly from Chantilly Songs!

Welcome My Fabulous Guest Blogger!

Jewels for Hope Readers, please give a warm welcome to Chantilly! I have been following her blog for some time now! She is such a great person- please feel free to check her out on twitter, youtube, or bandcamp! Here she is folks...Enjoy!

Hi there, Jewels for Hope readers! This is Chantilly. I’m a singer-songwriter from Brooklyn, NY and I also blog!

Stevie asked me to guest post for her, and I was thrilled! I thought I might talk a little bit about jewelry, since that’s what Stevie does. Specifically, I'm going to highlight my favorite type of jewelry: necklaces.

I tend to favor long, pendant-type of necklaces.

This one I made when I went on a trip with my friend to Dead Horse Bay in Brooklyn. There is scattered glass everywhere, and I found this tiny little bottle. I strung it up with a bit of cord to make a necklace.


This one, I got when I went to Foxwoods in CT (I used to work there many moons ago.) It was supposed to be a keychain, but I took the dream catcher part off and again, strung it with some cord. Voila! Instant pretty necklace.


This one I got from Etsy. It’s a little book!


And this one is just from Anthropologie (o the shame), but I wear it all the time.

I love collecting them...


Such a fun way to add some character to your outfit!

So now that I've talked about my faves, I wonder what yours are? I think you should go have a look at the amazing jewelry from Stevie and Sandy's shop and pick some new ones out!!



  1. thank you again, such an honor! hope you are having fun, stevie :) xoxo

  2. I love your collection, Chantilly! ;)

  3. These are so lovely! I love the dreamcatcher pendant you made :) It is really beautiful. I always like wearing longer pendant necklaces too, and you have such a beautiful collection of them! :)