Friday, September 9, 2011

A Blog from Blackpool- BlogShop!

A Blog from Blackpool redid their website!

This blog has been a favorite of mine for some time now. I love Dani's fashion sense and her love of nailpolish. She redid her blog and I love the fresh look of it.

Along with redoing her blog, she also set up a blog shop! Um, if I wasn't unemployed right now, I would seriously be looking into purchasing some of her items. She has clothing, makeup, shoes, jewelry, and nailpolishes (of course!) up for grabs.

Go look! She has this amazzzzing sunflower dress- I'm in love. She has the funn-est (is that a word?) fashion sense!

This outfit she rocks here- makes me smile. Blue & White Polka Dot skirt, HELLO? Love.


So if you have the chance, go say hi! <3 And if you buy that flower dress she has for sale- you better take pictures and let me see how you look in it!!!!

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