Friday, September 23, 2011

Craft Fair Tomorrow!

So, tomorrow we have a HUGE craft fair that I am super excited about.

The Fine Arts Festival in Southbury. It is going to run from 10-4 and I am hoping for a great turnout! We were there last year and we did really well.

Last year though, I still had my gal bladder issues. I had just had surgery like 1-2 days before this fair- I felt like crap but didn't care, I was going to this fair whether it killed me lol.

I love going to these fairs and helping my mom out. I think it's fun (for the most part). It's nice to meet new people and try and sell our items.

So if you are in the area tomorrow, STOP BY! COME SAY HELLO! It should be a great day with good food, good crafts, and *hopefully* great weather!

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