Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Kristen Cusato & Ann Nyberg, Wearing Jewels for Hope!

We have had a busy couple of weeks here folks! We have been doing craft fairs and working on the designs for The Oscars & The Golden Globes!

Well, along with all of this, we actually had an interview with Ann Nyberg from WTNH News Channel 8 and Network Connecticut!

She interviewed us for her website. It was amazing! She is so incredibly nice! Seriously, such a sweetheart! She even bought a necklace and wore it on the 6:00 news last Thursday! AH!

Here is a picture of her in our house with the necklace on :)

Ah, doesn't she look great in it!

She did a fabulous piece on us on her website, Network Connecticut. Go there and tell me what you think!!!

Along with talking with Ann, another WTNH newscaster, Kristen Cusato, has been in touch with us and we are donating an item for raffle at her event coming up this Thursday for The Walk for Alzheimer's. Kristen, so graciously, took a photo with the necklace we will be donating. Take a look!

Don't both women look so pretty! They are both so nice and I am so happy we were able to work with them.
Kristen's event will be held at Bar in New Haven this coming Thursday. If anyone is interested in attending, please find more information here. All proceeds go to a great cause, and you could even win this necklace in the raffle!!!!


  1. Wow how awesome is that!! You are quite busy indeed. Love the jewelry, will have to visit the sight!

  2. That's great! It seems things are going well for you. It's good to be busy!

  3. That is GREAT! Your jewelry is fabulous. I'm very happy for you ;)

  4. Congrats that's a great way to get your product seen and give back at the same time. Best of luck to you.

  5. Congrats on the Media Coverage! I am a sucker for charity and am always donating something!

    Paula (from the tribe!)