Sunday, September 25, 2011

Disappointing Craft Fair

So yesterday we had our craft fair. The craft fair I was really looking forward to.


We didn't even make our table.

I know craft fairs are always an up and down thing. All depends on the day, people, everything. Some years you do great, and some years you don't. This year was a not great year.

I think what upset me most was not even the fact that we didn't really make money. I think I was most upset with how rude the people were.

I understand that everyone has different opinions and not everyone likes everything. I know for sure I don't like everything I see at craft fairs. But I WOULD NEVER walk up to someones booth and scream "OH, I DO NOT LIKE THIS AT ALL" and then walk away.

Excuse me, but are you FREAKIN kidding me?

How rude are you? I was baffled!

Then other people would come up to our table, look at the sign I have on there (stating we will be in the Oscars & Golden Globe gift lounges)--- and then they would snicker and roll their eyes.


I am standing right in front of them.

I would never do that to another vendor. I would never outright say something mean or hurtful. These people have a lot of freakin nerve in my opinion.

It really hurt to see people acting so rude and outright disrespectful. Even when this was not happening to me, but to other vendors, I felt disgusted. How can people be like this?

It was ridiculous. Is this something I am just being crazy over, or do you feel the same way to? Are you a crafter... has this ever happened to you? I would love to hear other people's thoughts on this.


  1. I did a craft fair to and made maybe 30$ after paying fees, not yet deducting other costs. sooo not worth it and very disappointing! People would come up to my table and ohh and ahh and then leave or come back later with their moms and say mom can you take a look at this so you can make one for my child. I had no idea what to say. and my projects were unique - my own designs and ideas. so sad about it still.

  2. I think your pieces are very nice. I really don't know what's wrong with people, where they feel as though they have to be so rude!

  3. I've never had this happen to me, but I'm sorry that it happened to you. You have such beautiful pieces of jewelry, and I think it's really cool that there will soon be celebrities out there wearing your items! I know it's hard, but brush off the rude people, and be proud of what you do :)