Monday, June 22, 2015

Gifts Gifts Gifts Galore

Through my Etsy hunt of fabulous products from members of The Artisan Group, I keep finding more and more products I am obsessed with.

For this little gift guide I put together, there is absolutely no rhyme or reason to it. These are simply products I fell in love with and wanted to show off.


1. Boho Necklace (as seen on Cedar Cove!) from Bead Indulgences

Turquoise Boho Necklace As Seen On Cedar Cove Gold Natural Gemstones Chunky Turquoise Amethyst Amazonite Handmade The Artisan Group 

2.  Skull Nail Art from Nail Thins

 Nail Art Decal SUGAR SKULLS #3 Hearts n Roses Skull Nail Art Design

 3.  Steampunk Top Hat from Little Lady Accessory 

Steampunk Mini Top Hat - Alice in Wonderland - Party Top Hat - Steampunk Hat

 4.  Wine Photography from Shannon Howard Prints 

Wine Photography, Sepia, Wine Print Set, Wine Art, Set of 6 8x10 Prints Vintage Winery Restaurant Wine Bar Kitchen Art Dining Room Mod Retro

 5.  Indian Headdress Earrings from Five Souls Designs

Indian-Headdress-Native American-Skull-Earrings-Big-Chunky-Statement-Boho-Festival-Circle-Paper-Artisan-The Artisan Group

 6. My SuperHero Key Chain from Mother Daughter Jewel

Superman Keychain Personalized - Superhero Keychain - Hand Stamped Keychain - My Superhero - Diamond Keychain - Valentine's Day


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