Saturday, June 13, 2015

It's all in the Handbag!

I love handbags. From clutches to satchels to tote bags. Anything really. I wish I had enough money to have a different bag for every outfit. Until then, I can just look at all the pretties from afar.

Browsing through Etsy looking at some of The Artisan Group's items it is making me want to buy each one! Something about summer makes me want to carry tiny clutches. I don't need my gloves and lotions and the million other items I usually carry around during winter. Cute, tiny bags that can fit my cell phone and lip gloss is really I need to go out for a night in the summer.

Check out some of my faves!

1. Flower Clutch from Girl By Aileen

2. Leopard Clutch from The Hungry Penguin

3. Leather Clutch from fellow CT'er Pink Tulips

4. The Katie Clutch from Good Marvin

5. Hand Painted Clutch from Hoshii Designs

#IWantThemAll..... yes, they are that great they deserve a hashtag. Don't you agree?

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