Friday, June 12, 2015

Pretty in Pink

I'm such a girl. I love anything pink. I feel like I have the heart of Elle Woods and would wear pink all day every day if I could.

So, in honor of my girly ways, take a look at some Pretty in Pink products. From photography, to candles, to jewels... PINK. Gimme all the pink I can get!

1. Pink Eyeglass Case from Nan Gate  Designs

2. Pink Scarf from Silkiness

3. Pink Paracord Bracelet, from yours truly :)

4. Pink Eco Friendly Wristlet from Rosy Toes Designs 

5. Light Punk Crystal Earrings from Love Your Bling

6. Alice in Wonderland Book Purse from The Write Stuff Design

7. Laugh Love Photograph

8.  Pink Wallet from The Humble Penguin

9. Pink and Black "Thank You" card from The Beez Kneez

10. Pink Flip Flops from Hooked On Yarn CT

1 comment:

  1. Thank you so much for including my pink damask eyeglass case in your Pretty In Pink favorite products!! I'm a 'pink' girl, too, and love them all!