Friday, April 22, 2011

I'm asking for your help again....

Hi Everyone!

Tonight is the Lady Gaga concert so this post is not going to be that long. I have to go get GLAMED UP! I am finally going to use that glitter eyeshadow I mentioned in a previous post.

So. I need your help. I know I tend to ask you for help all the time, so I really appreciate everyone who helps me lol. This time, I want to try and win my mother a shopping spree.

Ming Wang Knits is giving a $3000 shopping spree to a fantastic mother for mothers day. I nominated my mother because she is just absolutely amazing. Who evers story on fb gets the most "likes" is in the running for the shopping spree.

Let me tell you a little bit about my mother....Here is what I wrote on fb:

Stevie Lynn D'Andrea
My mother, Sandy D'Andrea, definetly deserves this prize. For almost 7 years she took care of her mother suffering from Parkinson's disease. My mom had to quit her job and stay home and take care of her. We moved houses since my grandmother couldn't do the stairs in ours. After my grandmother passed away two years ago my mother starte...d a jewelry compa...ny called Jewels for Hope. We donate portions of our proceeds to Hospice, the American Parkinson's Association, and Michael J Foxes Research foundation. My mother doesn't want anyone to go through what my grandmother did. My mom has been a rock through this all, along with taking care of myself and my two younger sisters. I personally don't think I would have been able to keep it together like she has.

This picture was taken when we were in Ocean City. Now, another reason my mother really should win this prize is because, she will give her own items to random strangers. On this trip, we were walking down the boardwalk looking in all the fun shops. My mother met a girl, from russia, who was working in one of the shops. She commented on how much she liked my mothers purse.

My mother went right back to the hotel, emptied the purse out, and brought it back to the girl. She said it was meant for her.

My mother does stuff like this all the time. She really does deserve something nice espeically after taking care of sick family members for so long (me included.).

So, if you have any time- please go to this website "like" Ming Wang knits. Then go down to my name (Stevie Lynn D'Andrea) and "like" my post.


Have a fantastic Friday everyone! I'll make sure to take some great Gaga pics!

ps- don't mind the layout of this post. I'm on my house computer and for some reason it always screws up posts in blogger.

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