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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Coupon Codes!

I love getting things on sale. I really do. Granted, I can't afford anything right now but still- I like to find discounts and coupon codes.

Since other people may not be unemployed like I am.. I have a couple of stores that would love to offer my readers some discounts! WooHoo! I feel excited for you guys ha ha. Yes, I may be living vicariously through my readers- but I am perfectly fine with that.

So, obviously the first one is Jewels for Hope. We all knew that one was coming.

Yep- My store is offering my lovely blog readers 15% off! Just use the code: JEWELS015. Notice there is a "zero" before the 15. I don't know why my mother made the code that way, but- there it is. haha.

The next great store is Madness Is. I found this store accidently and I am so happy I did. I love finding funky "different" clothes. This store has a punk rock flare to it- and some times, I do like wearing punk rock. I change my clothes along with my mood. These clothes look so fun- I know one day I'll be rocking them out <3

The code for 15% off of Madness Is----- JEWELS15. Now, notice there is no "zero" before the 15, like in the Jewels for Hope code!

Now. For the final and biggest percentage off code: Cajun Scent Shop!!!!!! So once you got the clothes and the jewelry--- the last thing you need? CANDLES! I know I have written a post about this shop before- but I'm doing it again. I love them. The candles are so fun and look SO lifelike, it makes me want to either eat or drink them. Look for yourself...

Aren't they lifelike! Also, I had to throw in one more- perfect for mother's day in my opinion!

HAHAHAHAHA. A Mentalpause candle! haha. I love it! I know if I had the spare cash I would get this for my mother for mother's day. She would enjoy that.

Well, Amanda from Cajun Scent Shop has so graciously offer 25% off for her store! Just enter the code: JEWELS25

I love being able to offer my readers coupon codes for reading my blog. I wish I could give you guys tons of items for free- trust me. Once I have a steady income- I'll buy you guys tons of goodies for giveaways. Just keep your fingers crossed I get a job ha ha.

Happy Shopping!


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