Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Craft Perfection

Normally, I don't really buy wood products that much. Which I know is strange since this is now my 2nd time writing about wood.... But for some reason, whenever I am browsing etsy- I find all of the wood products to be something I absolutely neeeeed. Yes, I have a shopping issue- but for now I am staying in denial and will mention nothing of that during the rest of this post. So.. Onto the wood!

This purchase was for a craft fair my mother and I did. I needed a display stand for my greeting cards I make. This stand was the PERFECT FIT for my stuff. Take a look...

That's the stand in the back. This gorgeous, wood stand was created by Wudls Woodshop on Etsy. The craftsmanship of this craftstand is amazing. And it really does showcase my cards in the best possibe manor.

Here are some other designs he does at his shop...

He has jewelry holders, card holders, ribbon holders... pretty much anything you need to display your work. Personally, before I bought this, I never thought I needed a display like this. I usually just had my cards in boxes laying around the table. But now that I know how good it looks in this display- I could never go back. So if any of you crafters need something to display your work, check out Wudls Woodshop.

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