Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Just Fabulous!

I got a very nice surprise yesterday afternoon. Want to know what it was? I got my B.Dazzled flip flops in the mail that I won from Fabulous Fun Finds!!!

Look how cute they are!

I was so excited about this! Especially since I can no longer wear "regular" flip flops. Now, this is going to sound strange but... As of like 3 weeks ago- I can't wear flat shoes lol. On one of the nice days that we actually had here in Connecticut, I wore flip flops all day. Well the next day I had a SHOOOTING pain up and down my left calf. Now, if I wear flat shoes- I get the pain. If I wear heels- I'm perfectly fine. Weird, right?

This was devastating for me. I usually LIVE in flip flops most of the year. But now, with the B.Dazzled flip flops- they have a heel to them! You can see it in the last picture I took. I am so excited. I know I sound ridiculous right now- but seriously- I usually only wear flip flops in the summer ha ha. I tend to have hot flashes and when I am super hot, my feet sweat (gross, I know). So in the summer, wearing cute little heels is difficult since my feet swell to the size of watermelons haha.

I am now super excited for the weather to get nicer. YAAY! Thank you Fabulous Fun Finds!


  1. These are adorable....lucky! Have a blessed Tuesday sweetie! Kori xoxo


  2. those are so cute! I love flip flops.

  3. These are gorgeous!!! :D Lucky you!