Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Shoe Bling? Yes or no?

So, I would love some opinions here on my next project I want to do. I really want to try to make shoe rings. You ask what a shoe ring is? Well.. it's pretty simple. A ring to put on a shoe haha. I saw it once in some magazine I can't remember and I want to start making them. But of course- add my own flair to it. Now, I have a picture of me below showing my outfit and then a close up of my shoe ring. Pleas don't laugh at me. This was the only semi-decent photo out of like 50. My sister was ready to kill me bc I just don't photograph well when it's a full body picture lol.

And to throw in an extra-- here is my sister turning away, grasping on our closet door in a fit of laughter at all of the horrible pictures I am taking.

So. What do you think of the shoe bling? I kinda want to make a bunch of them in a spiral design so you could wrap it around the heel and it would be like 3 turns around it. Then I would try and do some simple ones like the one shown on my picture. Opinion? Would you wear these? I know I think it's a fun idea- but I'm a little out there and not sure if my ideas are actually good for other people lol.

Let me know what you think.. And if I get some good feedback about these- maybe I'll have some of you be my testers to see if they actually hold up in real life. I still need to work out all the kinks so I'm just checking to see if people actually would use something like this. My sister thinks its ridiculous and almost refused to photograph me lol. So... do you side with me or my sister?


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