Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What's in your makeup bag- Contest!

Happy Tuesday everyone! I'm a little late in writing this post today because my baby sister came home from California this morning! She went there on a school trip for a week. Oh, how I missed her! And how jealous I am because she is so nice and tan now. Witch.

Anyway- As I was browsing through my daily blogs, I saw that Scenic Glory is now having a What's in Your Makeup Bag CONTEST!! Woo Hoo! I love contests. Whoever wins this will win a Urban Decay makeup pallet. Um, wait until you see my Urban Decay makeup pallet I took a picture of in my case. Um, it's a disgrace. It's so dirty I feel embarrassed even showing you guys- but this is me; take it or leave it- most of the colors I love are gone because I have had this pallet for YEARS. So I could use a new one.

Here's how the contest goes...

Whoever has the most votes on Scenic Glory's page wins the pallet. The contest goes until May 22nd. So, If you like my makeup bag(s) and feel it is most swoonworthy, please go on over to her blog and feel free to vote! :)

Now.. Onto the goodies.

Look how sad my Urban Decay pallet is on the bottom right ha ha. I can't force myself to part with it though. I love that pallet. I'm going to keep it until literally every last drop of eyeshadow is gone from it <3 I know you ladies out there must have that one makeup item you refuse to let go. Maybe its a lipstick from the 90s? Maybe it's that special mascara that is mostly dried up at this point. But-everyone has at least one makeup item you wont part with. So I know you understand!

And for the final piece's in my makeup bag which I had to mention separately are...

Look how fun that glitter is! I've still never actually used these (they were a gift from xmas). I have no clue what I can do with this much glitter, but I know one day- I will find that perfect outfit I get to use it with. I especially love the names- which is why I took pictures of the bottom of them ha ha.

So. if you love my makeup bag(s) please feel free to go to Scenic Glory and vote!


  1. I love your Juicy makeup bag!! Its so cute!

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