Monday, April 11, 2011

Fun Family Filled Weeked!

I hope all of you had a great weekend!! Mine, as I said last night, was allllll about m fiance's family. You'll get the scoop on it now. Excited? I know you must be.

So Saturday my fiance made the wrong decision. I finally gave him a chance to choose something correctly and it definitely did not work in my favor. We had to go see his mother sing in a choir saturday night. At a chapel at Yale. For two hours. Now... I love music. I am very open minded. If the whole time it actually was a choir singing- I would be okayish with that. But no. Of course that didn't happen. It was an organist playing for one hour and 45 minutes. She would play a song- then come out and discuss exactly how she moved her hands and feet and how she played the song. The choir in which Corey's mother sang in- only sang 3 songs. THREE. SONGS. I was so angry that this was what my saturday night entailed. I rarely ever go out since I am unemployed and of courrseeeeeee the one night my friend invited us to a bonfire- we already had plans to see this.

I apologize for the bitching lol I'm still baffled we sat there to watch her sing and she didn't even tell us that it was only 3 songs. They only sang for 15 minutes at most. Corey and I got suckered into that one. The one time I let him make the decision- he makes the wrong one. SURPRISE SURPRISE!

Sunday we had to drive to long island for his Grandmothers 80th birthday. This was actually really nice. I had the best time with corey's family. They are all crazy and I love it. This was my first time meeting some of them because they are from Arizona. But so nice and funny! I wish they were here all the time haha.

The best part of my weekend though- Corey actually surprised me and took me to my favorite place everrr (other then the casino). The Witches Brew. Now.... If any of you reading this are from Long Island- you may think I'm acting like a 15 year old girl when I mention this place. The Witches Brew is a coffee shop. I love it. When I went to college my friends and I would drive from the city to go to this coffee shop and just hang. I know, mostly teenagers hang out there- but it will always have a place in my heart. and Corey actually listened to one of my stories and remembered me saying it! That is crazzy!!!

Here are some fantastic pics of this place!

Aren't we cute? I had a yummmmy Vamp. Its a chocolate raspberry coffee. Yummm. The best thing I love about this place are the names of drinks. There are drinks like Vamp, October, Half and Half. Cool Right??

I know I sound like I'm 5- but this little trip made my weekend. The fiance definitely went up an extra 10% in cuteness by doing this.

Now that I told you all about my fantastic weekend, I must job hunt for a bit now. Fun, right?
Happy Monday all!


  1. lol Being in a musically inclined family I've had several performance incidents like that. I can relate. And yum for the coffee. :)

  2. Just stopping by to follow you from the blog hop. Hope you'll come visit me, too!

  3. That looks soooo good! Chocolate and raspberry is a great combination!
    Very cute blog!
    Thanks for hopping by! I'm now following you!!

  4. Sorry your weekend didn't work as hoped. The coffee shop looks fab though

  5. wow sounds like a fun filled night!