Wednesday, April 13, 2011

SnapShots Fashion!

Hi everyone!

I had to do an extra post today because SnapShots Fashion used my picture for one of their SnapShot Readers post! AH! So exciting! I love anything fashion related- and the fact that they showed one of my outfits makes me smile.

I always love reading their blog- they always have awesome fashion tips on there! Ever since I got back into blogging, I have had so much inspiration to dress nicer. I am loving it! And I really love the fashion community online. Everyone is so nice and really has an amazing passion for fashion. Right up my alley!

Check out SnapShots Fashion's blog. They have great fashion tips- amazing inspiration- and you'll also get to see my pretty face on there today hahaha

Happy Wednesday!!


  1. Congratulations on the feature! Your outfit looks really cute! I also wanted to invite you to my Flirty Aprons Giveaway over on my blog!

  2. Would love for you to add your Etsy shop to the linky party on my new blog. I want to feature your fabulous Etsy shop so others can visit it

  3. Hi! Thank you for taking the time to visit and follow my blog. Here to return the favor ;-) Have a lucky day!

  4. Thank you for the comment and follow! New follower- excited to start reading your blog!