Monday, August 29, 2011

I'm So Indecisive.

Now that the storm is over, it is back to work.

My mother and I are now looking at packaging ideas for The Golden Globes & The Oscars Gift Lounges. We have been going through site after site of bags, boxes, and labels- Oh My!

We are debating on using a "funky" look or a "wow" look. The difference between the two is the "Wow" packaging will really catch the persons eye. Most people may think- "funky" and "wow" would be the same thing---but in our minds it isn't haha.

The Funky ones we are looking into have a great color scheme. We want to use a mocha and teal with funky blue polka dot ribbon. We think that would really work well with our items and our cards we had specially made for these events.

We also found some SUPER UNIQUE bags that we think have the wow factor- but have nothing to do with our color scheme and "jewels for hope". We are torn! We have soe serious thinking to do! Here are some examples.....

Look how great these bags are?

I have never seen bags like this! These would definitely be "wow". Right?

So now we just need to make some decisions. I am so indecisive that this will probably take awhile. I am thinking we should get some samples of each bag and see what works best with our products and with our cards. Once we do that, I'll let you know the final resutlts!


  1. I am the most decisive person around. Hire me to be your decider. I will have great rationale for my choices and then you can MOVE on. What do you do that you get to choose these cool bags..jealous!

  2. If I'm torn on two items, I always buy them both and return one later. My husband doesn't care if I shop as he knows I'll return 75% of everything I buy.

  3. Go with your first choice! Always works for me ;)

  4. Love the diamond ring back...yes, very 'WOW'!

  5. I love that diamond ring bag. Looks like it would fit those night so well. Are you hosting a party? That would be so fun to do! Hope you guys can come up with a fun choice.


  6. I like the diamond ring bag- very cute!!