Monday, August 22, 2011

Craft Show Number 1.

We had our big Craft Show this weekend- The Milford Oyster Festival. I have never been to anything like this before. The traffic that came through, was just insane! I couldn't believe it! Every second from the time we set up (9:30) until closing of the festival (6:00) it was PACKED!

Normally, at fairs we do, there usually is a steady stream of people. But this? It was chaos at all times! I loved having so many people around and the hustle and bustle of things!

I wore my adorable new outfit from Katwalk. If I say so myself, I looked great! haha.

Obviously, I love leopard print. This shirt was SO lightweight it was perfect for the day- since it was around 85 out!

The festival went really well. My mother and I worked our tails off to get ready for this event so it was nice to see it play out. Here's what our booth looked like:

Almost all of our business cards went. It was incredible! We also got recognized while there! Yep, my rise to fame has begun. THREE different people recognized us from being on WTNH Good Morning Connecticut!

It was great!

All in all, the day was perfect. We made some great sales- got to use our brand new portable credit card machine- and had a fun day.

Now we have to do it all again this weekend for the Easton Jazz Festival! Let's just hope I'm not too tired.... the day before (August 27th!) is my 25th Birthday (yikes!). Eventful weekend coming up!


  1. I love your pieces! They are amazing! I am moving to a small town soon, I think I will be doing the craft shows and fairs next year.

  2. Your booth looks wonderful. Clean and professional. I do craft shows as well and I know how hard they are. You are exhausted at the end of the day! beautiful jewelry. I can't tell what the rack of items are, but they are really cool!

  3. Congrats on your successful show! They are hard work and at the end of the day, you hope it was worth it.

  4. You do look great ;) Love your booth set up. Wish I lived closer I would have loved to come out and show support. Plus my hubs LOVES oysters ;)

  5. You guys looked wonderful at the festival! Im so proud for you both:) such beautiful Peices i wanted to buy them all! Hope purchasing in the near future... xoxoxo marci