Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Global Resort Homes

I was lucky enough to win a weeks vacation from Life with 5 Monkies to a Global Resort Home. I was thrilled that I won- I couldn't believe it for weeks! I really needed a good vacation this year since I was so ill most of last year.

We drove down from Maryland to Florida on August 5th to be there by check in time on August 6th. I have been back and forth with one of the Global Resort Home Reps- Tara. She was so sweet during this whole experience- I would recommend her to anyone!

After the extremely long drive, we were itching to get to the home. We had no idea what to expect because as we all know, pictures can sometimes be decieving. Corey was nervous we wouldn't even have a reservation down there- since he doesn't understand blogging at all- he had no faith in me that this was actually real.

We pulled on our street and my breath stopped.


I thought I was dreaming.

We were able to get the resort I requested, Paradise Palms. I can't even begin to describe how amazing this place is. The pictures did not do it justice!

My pictures don't do it justice either, ha ha. All the pictures above are of just the lobby area! Did you see how beautiful it is?

Once we were in the lobby everyone was so attentive and helpful. The staff really couldn't have been nicer. And that was a real change from normal, at least compared to the drive down to Florida- let's just say the places that we stayed were definitely not as high quality with the atmosphere or staff like this place!

After leaving the lobby we went to our own house. I honestly didn't think it could get any better then the lobby... guess what? It did!

Um, Gorgeous?

The best part about this house? I GOT MY OWN BATHROOM! There was F-O-U-R bathrooms in this house. After having all of my gal bladder issues last year- even though I am better now-- I still tend to vomit more often then I'd like from different foods (greens, mushrooms, fats, etc). Sooo, the fact that I had my own bathroom pretty much made this house heaven for me.

We were supposed to have a total of 6 people staying with us this week- Myself, Corey, Paul, Loren, Loren's friend and one of Corey's friends. 2 people ended up bailing- Loren's & Corey's friends. They really lost out on this one!!

Along with having this gorgeous house, the other top reason (besides my personal bathroom) is the pool. I am a pool girl. I love tanning, love swimming, love it all. And with Global Resort Homes, I got TWO pools. A cute personal sized one that was attached to our house (midnight swimming anyone?)- and the main one near the clubhouse. Along with the pools- at the clubhouse they had not one, but TWO hot tubs there!

This vacation was picture perfect! If only there was more sun I would have said it was my favorite vacation of all time (lemme tell you, it rains A-LOT in  Florida!). Even with all the rain though, Global Resort Homes is prepaired...  Free Movie Theater Anyone?

Yep, they have their OWN movie theater in the lobby! See my two favorite men right there trying to see how it is? We didn't actually get the chance to watch a movie in there this week- because even with the rain we were out and about... but I think this is a perfect addition to the resort! So if your family is staying for a week and maybe one of your kids is not a "pool person" they can go right through the lobby and watch a movie. Who wouldn't love that?

Oh, I wish I were back now.

From the bottom of my heart I want to thank Life with 5 Monkies and Global Resort Homes for this amazing trip! It will go down in the books for me, and I would recommend this glorious resort to anyone. I hope I am able to go back soon- possibly when there is more sun so I can utilize their fabulous pool a bit more.... maybe once I'm no longer unemployed I can start saving ha ha. Oh, a girl can dream, right?


  1. Wow you got to be there for a week? I'm mad jealous! Looks like a great place to vacation!

  2. Woah, that place looks awesome! You are so lucky!

  3. WOW! That looks beautiful...I'm a tad bit jealous.

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  4. Oh my gosh, I want to win something like that! That's awesome.

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