Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Stormy 25th Birthday

I hope everyone is/was safe this weekend! My birthday on Saturday ended up with us being stuck in the house. Gotta love Irene.

My father's gig was cancelled Saturday night so instead, my whole family was in the house doing nothing all night other then watching tv. I'm happy we are all okay and the storm has died down here (in CT). But what a way to ring in my 25th birthday, right? haha.

All last night I was barely able to sleep. I kept having a fear that the tree next door to my house was going to come crashing through my window. My poor fiance- every time I woke up I woke him up--- not on purpose, but just because I was frightened I would jump. Oops.

Nothing happened with the trees around us- and we didn't loose power. So the storm, here at least, was not what we all had anticipated. Which I am so happy about. I hope everyone who was not so lucky to have a "calm" storm is okay and safe.

But.. it was my birthday and ---I did get some amazing gifts during this storm! Which I am so lucky for!

I got a brand new camera (yay) some socks, bobby pins, cash (so so appreciative!), a picture frame, hair ties and my favorite gift of all...


Yep, you read that correctly. My amazing fiance bought me Louboutins!

I know this is insane! I can't believe he did this.

I have always been saying that once I "make it big" and actually am able to pay my bills and have money to spare, I was going to buy a pair of these shoes-
you know, probably in another 20-30 years. haha.

Well, he bought me a pair now. He is out of his mind crazy, but I am so excited for these shoes! They still haven't arrived yet- once they do I will surely take some pics of me in them! Fingers crossed my wide ass feet actually fit in them!

Now, I hope you all don't think I'm a spoiled little brat for this haha. I still am in shock over it and can't believe the fiance spent so much. I have never had someone do something like this before and I can't believe he did this- all on his own! I'm probably going to be so nervous to leave the house with them on- being afraid I'll ruin them. Ah!!

Woo. So, moral of the story---even with Irene- I did have a great birthday.

I hope everyone has had a safe weekend and I hope you all are okay <3

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