Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I Love Freelancing.

I told you all yesterday that I had a freelance job. Well, I love it.

I met with the woman yesterday to show her some of the stuff I worked on and see where we wanted to go from there. Well, she is awesome and liked what I started with and put me in a good direction to move forward. Also, SHE PAID ME.

Yes, it is not going to pay even one of my bills for a month- but it is a hell-of-a lot better then nothing. And, she said she would want to work with me on more occasions after this is done. Hell. Yes.

I still have no idea how I'm going to pay for my bills next month- but I'll figure something out. I always do. I just feel bad about being unemployed still. My sister hates the fact that I am- because she is a very hard worker and doesn't get how I can't get a job. She finds it ridiculous and says "I sit at home and do nothing all day". Little does she know I actually do more work now that I am unemployed that when I was actually at a job getting a pay check.

Even though I am currently not making an income- all I do is work. I sit at the computer all day long finding different companies to send press kits out to- or send emails to about Jewels for Hope. Sometimes I think I start seeing things from staring at this screen all day long hahaha.

All we need is for one big celeb to get our jewelry. Or one major magazine. It is tough though... the only way for this to really work is to " know someone who know's someone". And unfortunately, I don't know many people hahaha.

But I am determined. I always believe that good things happen to good people. You get back what you put out into the world. I know I'm not a saint or anything, but I really do put out "goodness" into the world. I feel it will come back to me eventually.

So- if any of you know someone who knows someone who could help me get my sister from thinking I do nothing all day Jewels for Hope out there- Please, don't hesistate to contact me ha ha. I am SO not one of those people who turns down help.

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  1. I bet you'll figure something out :D
    I'm excited to start freelancing and hoping to find a real job in the design industry once I'm finished w/ school next Friday!

    Good luck!

    xoxo, Amy