Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Zone Diet- Week 2 Completed!

So, I have been on the Zone Diet for 2 weeks now. To say it is tougher then I thought would be an understatement lol. I realized the food is getting a bit "heavy" for me. All of the breads are just a lot to handle... so I have been putting my own little spin on the meals. Still healthy- just eating more of the fruits and veggies and only half of the meals they provide. But still a good combination I think.

I think everyone trying to loose weight- whether you are on your own diet or on one that gets sent to you- you have to find your own right combination. It is different for everyone- so even if you do buy prepackaged food to be sent to you- you need to know how much extras you need to keep you going through the day.

I am proud to say that I think I found the right balance. Or at least, my numbers are showing it for now hahaha. Here are the stats....

Starting Weight- May 13th: 203.5
Week One- May 18th: 199.5
Week Two- May 25th: 196.5

Yep- I lost 3lbs this week. Not to shabby if I say so myself. Since I started actually trying to loose weight- I am now down 10.5 lbs. DOUBLE. DIGITS. BABY.

Whenever I have tried to loose weight- for any reason- with all different types of diets- the MOST I have ever lost (no matter what the time frame) has been 7lbs. Once I would hit 7 my body would say "oh, that's it for now...... even if you look at a piece of chocolate I'm making you gain weight". So the fact that I actually passed that mark scares me a little makes me happy.

I have about 2 months until I go on vacation and I would love to be able to loose 20lbs in that time. I think that's doable, right? That is between 2-3 lbs a week. Which when you think of it that way, makes it seem way easier.

Where am I going on vacation you ask? Well.... I am actually going on TWO vacations. Yes- I know that is crazy especially since I am still unemployed and have absolutely no money to go on these vacations.... Oh Well.

I am going to Ocean City, Maryland for a week starting July31st. I am SO EXCITED about this trip actually because my family hasn't been away in a couple of years because of people being sick (me included). This year my fiance is coming with us- SHOULD BE INTERESTING!

The 2nd vacation is a dream vacation. I will give you tons more details on this at another time- but I won this during Blogmania from Brandi @ Life With 5 Monkies (go visit and say hi! She is so sweet!!!).

I won her amazing package which included a 1 week's stay at a Global Resort Home in Florida. So my fiance and I will be driving from Maryland to Florida the week after Ocean City. Staying in Florida for a week- seeing one of my BEST FRIENDS who moved there a couple of years ago- and also having my bestie Paul come down to spend the week with us too! How fun! I can't wait to go. Don't worry- I'll be writing more and more about this fun vacation- so you will get allll the details <3

Until then tho... MY GIVEAWAYS ARE ENDING SOON!!! Go Enter!

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  1. Congrats on your loss, I don't know anyone on the Zone diet, but hopefully it doesn't get too tough. Just keep looking forward to your vacay in a couple months :)

    Nice post