Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I Love My Mommy Giveaway is Starting Tonight!!

The I Love My Mommy Giveaway Blog Hop is so close I can taste it! It will go live at 11:59 EST tonight!Oh, I just can't wait!

Since I was extremely busy today- I did not have time to write up two of my sponsor spotlight posts- so guess what?! You'll be reading about two of my amazing sponsors during the event! Which is perfect- so you'll get to see some of the other fantastic items they sell!

You ask why I was so busy this morning? Well, I guess I'll tell you- since you're asking so nicely... We were at a meeting for a photoshoot! Yes! Jewels for Hope may be involved in a photoshoot!!!! I am so excited. We met with the event planner, model, and bridal shop who is supplying the dresses. What bridal shop you may ask? BLISS BRIDAL!

Bliss Bridal (who also carries Jewels for Hope jewelry) is involved in this great photoshoot and suggested using our jewelry! The event planner took 3 pieces!!! 3 pieces for 3 dresses. Every dress will have a Jewels for Hope necklace! Can you believe it? My mother and I practically SCREAMED in the middle of the meeting this morning. The photoshoot is on Tuesday. Unfortunately, we cannot show you pictures from that. SORRY!!! The event planner/photographer is going to try to get these shots into some MAJOR publications. So- until they are officially in magazines- we can't give you any sneak peaks.

But don't you worry- once we're in the magazine I will be blowing this spot up! I am just so excited- it pretty much made my day. THEN, after the meeting this morning, we went to Zsa's Boutique and WE ARE NOW IN THAT SHOP TOO! Jewels for Hope has 14 pieces of jewelry in this fabulous little boutique in Hamden Connecticut. It has been a big day for us!

So see- I really did have a legitimate reason for not blogging today. So- my sponsors will get great spotlight posts during the event- trust me- you'll love them. I know I do!

Check back here at midnight eastern!!!! Over $200 of items will be given away on this blog alone!!!

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