Monday, May 23, 2011

I'm Famous.

Today is the day everyone! I woke up like a kid on Christmas morning... so strange, I know- but this is a big thing for me.

Jewels for Hope made it into their first big publication today! The New Haven Register published the interview about us!!! We bought 7 newspapers this morning. Is that weird? ha ha. Well, I don't care if it is a bit odd- we are famous!

Don't we look so pretty? I think so! Me and my amazing mother <3

I know you all want to view the whole article, right? You can do so by Clicking Here!

You'll be able to see a video of us there also! So embarrassing, but oh well! If it helps get Jewels for Hope out there- then I am ALL for it!

I am just still in shock over this. I can't believe we did it. We actually got into a publication. I know I have been saying this over and over again- but this is big! I must have emailed over 100 newspapers/magazines/publications in which 98% of them didn't respond and the tiny 2% that did said sorry but no thanks. Sandi Shelton was the only one who really responded and wanted to write this article. Thank you SO MUCH Sandi!

Another person I should really say thanks to is Jennie Wu! Jennie participated in the I Love My Mommy giveaway/blog hop. She makes adorable little clutches and handbags (so cute! go look!). Jennie actually got interviewed by Sandi first. Jennie lives in California- I live 5 minutes away from New Haven. When I saw Jennie got interviewed I emailed her immediately asking how she did it lol. Don't worry- It wasn't a "hate" email or anything like that ha ha. I am so happy Jennie got acknowledged for her work because it is truly amazing! I just wanted her secret about getting published ha ha

Jennie gave me Sandi's info and it was all smooth sailing from there. So thank you both, Sandi and Jennie. I really can't say thank you enough!

Now I am off to go sit and stare at the newspaper article for an hour or two. hahahaha- I kid. Well, kind of.

Have a fantastic day everyone!

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