Saturday, May 21, 2011

A little bit of this, a little bit of that!

Yesterday went so well! In case any of you didn't read yesterday's post... I had the chance to get some cash. And since I am still unemployed- I really need the money ha ha. I did a focus group yesterday which was AMAZING. It was my first time doing anything like that. I did not screw it up! I sat there for 4 hours and made $115. Pretty freaking sweet in my opinion! I read my kindle the whole time. Amazzzinnngg.

Then, after my focus group- I had a meeting with a deli in town to redesign her menus and labels for her shop. I was thrilled! I am working on some ideas over the weekend and then contacting her back on Monday. Any little bit of money really counts right now, so I am so excited to have this opportunity!

I am going to be a busy bee this weekend trying to figure out what the hell to do for this woman though ha ha. I have so many ideas floating around in my head, I need to organize everything and try and focus on one thing. Ah. I love keeping busy so this is very good.

Along with this amazing opportunity? IT IS BEAUTIFUL RIGHT NOW!!!!! I love nice days out- the sun is shining, it isn't too hot, and it isn't raining! What could be better than that? Hopefully I'll get some time in the sun today to relax a bit. Tonight the fiance is taking me out to dinner to celebrate being interviewed by the New Haven Register! IT COMES OUT ON MONDAY, YA KNOW!!!!! Once I get the article you know I will be posting it on here. I am like a little kid- doing a countdown until it is published. But it isn't every day you get interviewed, so I have a right to be happy/nervous/excited about it :)

Now that I talked your ears off about all my randomness going on lately, I will let you all go. Hopefully it is as nice out where you are - like it is here in CT. Sunshine makes me happy <3

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