Monday, May 23, 2011

A Sweet Smelling Surprise!

I love cute soaps. I do. I know I have mentioned it before- numerous times actually- because I love anything new and interesting- and if it smells nice? EVEN BETTA!

Well, one of my amazing "I Love My Mommy" sponsors from the Blog Hop/Giveaway event just sent me some soaps to say thank you! Can you believe it? I thought that was the sweetest thing! Want to know what I got?

Well, Sprezzatura BBC is the amazing sponsor who sent me these great soaps. Sprezzatura has tons of fun soaps- along with some really classy soaps in my opinion. Yes, I am calling soap classy-  but it just has the feel to it! I have never really come across a classy soap- but Sprezzatura hits it right on the button!

When I opened the package - this box was so neatly placed. It was surrounded by packing peanuts to ensure no mess/breakage!

Aren't they just gorgeous? I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the white flower soap. It looks like so much detail has gone into it!

Sprezzatura sent me the Hearts and Rose Soap Set along with some extras thrown in there. Feel free to browse around through their website to see what other great items they have!

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