Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day everyone! I hope you all enjoy today!

Today's post will be somewhat short and sweet ha ha. First, I have to brag a bit because I'm really excited...

I entered my father into a contest through Lord and Taylor's facebook page to win TWO Yankees Suite Tickets VIP! Well... HE WON!!!!!!!!! So me and him are going to a Yankee Game on June 28th- first class baby. I am so excited! My father hasn't been to a Yankee game since he took my grandfather- which had to be at least 10 years ago.

I am so happy. And especially since I am unemployed and can't afford to get my father anything for fathers day- This is his gift! I'm thrilled! Don't worry- I'll totally take tons of pictures of the suite we're in at the game. And hopefully I won't drink too much and make a fool out of myself in front of all the highrollers :)

Now... I am so nervous about our meeting on TUESDAY. Yes, two days. So that is why today's post will be very short. I am getting together a presentation for the meeting. We got 100 surveys completed! Woohoo! Thank you to everyone who emailed me for the surveys. I will post the winner of the anklet next week :)

I hope everyone has an amazing father's day!

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