Saturday, June 4, 2011

I Love My Daddy Giveaway- Sponsor Spotlight; Cajun Moon Designs!

Happy Weekend! It is a gorgeous day here in Connecticut- I hope it is fabulous wherever you are!

Today I have another amazing sponsor to tell you about. Cajun Moon Designs. They will be participating in the I Love My Daddy Giveaway/Blog Hop!

Heather, the creator, has been designing and making clothes for about 10 years and has a BFA in Fashion Design and Merchandising! Her items are one of a kind and really show a ton of creativity!

I came across this etsy shop randomly, and I am thrilled that I did! Heather, makes amazing items. I personally love her pillows! The first thing that caught my eye was her Pink Floyd Pillow!

Pink Floyd Pillow-Recycled from tshirt-Great Gift for Him

Heather states, "I have been designing and making clothes in my east Nashville studio for several years now. I really enjoy making pieces from recycled items. This passion has led me to making skirts, pillows, and little girl's dresses from old t-shirts. I have been able to work with individuals to create pieces that fit their personalities specifically. I have an inventory of t-shirts that are easy to access for anyone to see on my flikr account.  I also have had plenty of shirts sent to me as well for a more personal piece."

I love the fact that you can send her a shirt and she can make a unqiue pillow out of it. Talk about a special touch! I think something like this would be great for a groomsman gift- something like putting each groomsman's favorite shirt on a pillow. But of course, I always tend to have weddings on the mind lately- so that is just something I think would be cute!

Along with pillows, Heather is starting up a new website (coming soon!) to make a specialty skirt! Yes, soon you will be able to ship her any of your favorite shirts and she can design an awesome skirt out of it! I know I definitely want to try that. I have a TON of t-shirts that I can't fit into that I will never give up. It would be awesome to be able to wear them again, repurposed.

For now, you can still order custom items from Cajun Moon Designs you can browse through her flickr account (listed above) and then email her  through her etsy account!

Here is an adorable skirt featured on her etsy shop... a DARE shirt! Do you remember DARE! AH, that brings me back to my youth (like I'm that old?)!

Recycled T-Shirt Skirt DARE

So please go and show Cajun Moon Designs some love! Heather will be giving away a pretty cool repurposed item! What will it be? Of course I won't spill the beans.. I just love suprises!

Come on back June 15th to see!


  1. Hi there! Following you from the Christmas in July Giveaway hop linky. Very much looking forward to the event! Would love for you to follow back. =)

  2. I Love all the designs!! Beautiful and creative!