Thursday, June 2, 2011

I Love My Daddy Giveaway-Sponsor Spotlight; Laurels Art.

I am thrilled to show you guys some of this amazing artwork! The best part about it? This gorgeous artwork is presented to you on a fabulous clock! How cool is that? Laurel, of Laurels Art creates stunning clocks that have amazing designs ranging from music clocks all the way to easle clocks!

Laurel so kindly, decided to participate in the I Love My Daddy Giveaway event so one luck reader can receive a gorgeous clock of hers! Excited? I know you are!

Here is some info about Laurel:

"I opened my Etsy shop in early 2010, just about year ago. When the idea first came into my head I didn’t know exactly what I was going to sell on Etsy. I had friends who were selling on Etsy and I became inspired to do something with my own art work. I was primarily a painter and printmaker of various mediums but didn’t like the idea of relying on my prints and paintings for an Etsy shop. I wanted an item I could combine my two dimensional skills with functional art.

I’ve always thought it would be fabulous to paint furniture, but I’m realistic about my space and shipping cost so I nixed that one and am saving it for my private hobby time.

I settled on clocks because I am a person of schedules and list and clocks have been my best friends since I was a kid. I use to collect funky wired clocks. I still have my favorite alarm clock; it’s shaped like a toaster and the clock face is the piece of toast that pops up when the alarm goes off. I have not used the alarm for years, but out of all the clocks in my studio, it’s the only one with accurate time.

Before Etsy I had done art shows with my prints and paintings and even some small craft items on the side. Selling was not new to me, but an online marketplace was. I have been practicing art since I was a teenager. There has been no limit to mediums I will play with. Illustration, batik, mosaic, all painting and printing mediums, clay, felt, wire wrapping and even some casting are just a few of the messes I’ve made over the years. It helps that I spent almost four years working in a local art store helping others with their projects and inspiring people to play with new mediums."

Here are some great shots of some of the clocks that Laurel has created.. I absolutely love the music note one! SO funky!

Along with Laurel creating these fantastic works of art, she also has a blog that she puts her heart and soul into.
"My blog is called The Power of Creativity because it’s truly what I believe.  There is so much opportunity in the process of arts and craft.  Everyone has the ability to create; all they need is a little shove and a bit of time and encouragement to apply their energy.  When we create things it is a therapeutic process and we learn a little more about ourselves.  After all, the hardest person to know is you; and creativity is a powerful force that can help."

Laurels work is perfect for any funky-hearted, creative, lively person! I think this is the perfect gift for anyone- the perfect combination of scheduled madness! Personally, I don't really have the "scheduled" part down in my life yet- so I could probably use one of these clocks ha ha.
Be sure to check back here on June 15th at 9pm est to see which item Laurels Art will be giving away! Of course I won't tell you now since I love suprirses!!! Until then, feel free to follow her fantastic blog mentioned above... who knows, that may be one of the entries for the giveaway *hint hint*!

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