Thursday, June 9, 2011

From Posters to Shot Glasses!

I like to decorate. Even though I currently live with my parents and can't technically decorate my house the way I want it (since it isn't my house!) I still love to design things and browse around on the web.

Well, my father the other day asked me to help find some great posters for his office. YAY! He runs, Sound City Music & Entertainment- an amazing entertainment company (cough cough, call them if you live in CT) haha.

I found this AWESOME website. I've come across this website in the past but never actually browsed through it. It's called Cafe Press! They have the best posters! Who knows if my father is even going to take any of my suggestions - I'm more funky and he's more rock and roll. So we'll see. At least I found this great website!

And since I have a shopping addiction that we all know and love, I couldn't just stop looking at the posters on this site. Want to know what else I looked at? SHOT GLASSES! Because along with having a shopping addiction, I have a pretty rad collection of shot glasses. I like to get one from places I travel. I loveee this one!

Maybe I wouldn't drink so much if I had a shot glass like this? Don't get me confused- I am by no means a heavy drinker. Now that my gal bladder was removed I can barely tolerate 2 drinks. But at least this would be a reminder that hangovers really do suck!

So far I have about 35-40 shot glasses. Not ALLL from places I've traveled- some are duplicates and some are just hysterical. Either way- love collecting them. Do you have something you love to collect? Possibly drinking related? haha.

Hm, have you realized my last two posts are now invloving drinking? Interesting. Well... like I left it last time....

Happy Drinking Thursday!

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  1. Haha I don't know if I could take a shot out of that glass! Hilarious.