Friday, June 24, 2011

Free Samples? BE CAREFUL!

Ever since I entered the blogging world, I have been thrown into the world of Free Samples. You can browse through tons of bloggers who write about amazing free stuff you can get. It's like Christmas. We all know I love a free item... especially being unemployed- free is always the best way to go for me.

Even though I do love my freebies.... I am also EXTREMELY CAUTIOUS when using them. Here is why... Many Many MANY years ago, my mother used a free sample of shampoo. Now, this was when I was much younger- I want to say this was well over 10 years ago. My mother is not normally one to go after the "free sample" like I am. Its is just not her thing. But, she did try this free sample of shampoo. Turns out, she had a bad reation to something inside of the shampoo. Something that was NOT supposed to be there.

My mother was sick for MONTHS. All she did was lay on the couch. I know you don't know my mother, but she NEVER lays on the couch. She gets too antsy- she always has to be doing something. It was a horrible time, and I can't believe it actually happened to my mom. She was so sick for that time.... All from a "free" sample.

I'm not writing this post into scaring you not to use any free sample ever again - trust me, even though this did happen to my mother, I still use samples. Granted, I never go near a shampoo sample ha ha, but you could see why.

I just want to make you aware that this kind of stuff does happen and to just be careful. If your free sample looks like it has been tampered with, do not use it. If you do use a free sample- always keep the packaging a day or so just in case you actually need to reference it again. Just be careful. I wouldn't want something like this to happen to you.

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  1. ya totally agree~~i usually just give all the sample to other people if i dont know the brand~~~but i have very sensitive allergy prone skin~~~