Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Nope, not today.

I decided I am not going to do my Weekly Wednesday Weigh In this week. The reasoning behind the madness? I drank ate like a woman who has never seen food or alcohol. This was a great holiday weekend for me so I decided to live a little. So I will not be weighing myself today ha ha.

I think everyone deserves a little cheating. Lemme tell you, I did not expect to drink as much as I did this weekend. I planned on only having 1 glass of wine wherever I went. That SO wasn't the case. They were making pina coladas and had a TON of alcohol. So, my willpower diminished and I drank delicious Pina Coladas the whole night. YUM.

Absolutely delicious. It was worth every sip.

So for now, no weight loss. Today is just another day for me. Hopefully by next week I will be the same weight I was last week. Fingers crossed on that one haha

I hope you all have a spectacular Wednesday!

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