Friday, June 10, 2011

I Love My Daddy Giveaway Sponsor Spotlight: TIE OBSESSED!

Another sponsor spotlight? Yes, that is right people! I have tons of sponsors for this fabulous I Love My Daddy Giveaway Blog Hop that is happening on JUNE 15TH, @ 9PM EST! So be sure to check on back to see what amazing items we have for you!

This sponsor is absolutely perfect for any father! Tie Obsessed! I know when I was younger, I always bought my dad a tie for any occasion. I knew he would wear them to work, no matter what they looked like.

Now, the ties at Tie Obsessed are really sharp! The pictures showcase them excellently I think. If I had gotten my dad ties like these when I was younger, I bet he would actually LIKE wearing them ha ha.

I personally love men with ties on. I helped Paul go shopping for one the other day when he had a wedding to go to. He looked so good in a skinny pink tie!

I personally love the designs that Tie Obsessed (owner, Vivian) has on her etsy shop. She has such an assortment of colors, patterns, and sizes I don't know how you can't find something you love here!

EXTRA LONG - Yellow and Blue Silk Tie

Along with ties, Vivian also creates GORGEOUS Scarves! Hello, Animal print scarf? Need I say more?

Animal Print Scarf

Be sure to come on back in 5 DAYS to see what great item Tie Obsessed will be giving away. Hm, can you guess that it may be..... a TIE!

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